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Western Carolina Communications Systems

Series 4000 Communications Control System

Featuring three styles of operating positions and two common controller sizes, a Series 4000 system can be economically scaled to accommodate from 8 to 48 channels and from 1 to 16 operator positions.

Product Features

Intelligent UI: Highlights information pertinent to the task at hand; reduces information overload.

Built-in Network Health Monitor: Provides constant feedback about network status.

Advanced tools: Streamline installation and minimize field time.

Dual connections: Ensure end-to-end network redundancy.

Radio Functions

• Transmit (PTT)

• Monitor

• Instant Transmit

• Receive

• Select

• Simul-select

• Group, individual, emergency calls

• Per-channel volume controls –

adjustment, boost, mute

• All Mute

• Per-channel call history

• Pre-defined alert tones

• Pre-programmed and dynamic group creation

• Channel cross mute

• Patch (radio to radio)

• PTT ID/alias

• MDC-1200, GE-Star, NY GE-Star, 5/6 tone,


• DTMF, 2-tone paging, Knox DTMF

• Instant call and manual page dialing

• Page stack and page safety

MAX Dispatch System

Zetron’s new MAX Dispatch gives you the solid reliability and performance you expect from Zetron in a breakthrough, IP-based dispatch console system.


Telephony Functions

• Answer/release

• Mute

• Ring mute

• Hold

• Last number dialed

• Caller ID

• Patch/Conference (radio to telephone)

• Parallel operator monitor

System Functions

• Console cross mute

• Console-to-console intercom

• Console-to-console text messaging

• Audio routing between headset and speaker

• Master-console volume adjustment

• Event Replay (IRR)

• Status messages

• Aux I/O controls

• Network Health Monitor

Product Features and Configuration

Model 4020

Up to 20 radio or telephone channels

Up to 6 operating positions

Up to 10 independent cross channel patches

No single point of failure architecture

Channel Check IRR option

External time source reference

Event logging port

Dual power supplies w/automatic switching

Economically upgradeable to Model 4048

Model 4048

Up to 48 radio or telephone channels

Up to 16 operating positions

No single point of failure architecture

Up to 24 independent cross channel patches

Channel Check -IRR option

External time source interface

Event logging port

Remote diagnostic monitoring

Dual power supplies w/automatic switching